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Alcoscan Entrance Breathalyser System EBS010 - RENTAL
From just R1499 per month per unit over a minimum Contract Period of 24-months we will fit our Alcoscan EBS010 at your site. EBS010 is a high speed industrial breathalyser used to check breath alcohol concentration at TurnStiles and Entrances to offices, mines, warehouses and laboratories. Pass allows access and Fail prevents access.

EBS010 houses the latest full size 1-inch Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor Technology which is ethanol specific and performs over 600 tests per hour with a maximum of 720 tests in 1 hour.

EBS010 is built for Industrial and High Security environments.

Pricing includes:
Integration PC Software
Installation Cables
Important Note: OEM DC12V 1.5A power supply is provided standard.

Pricing Excludes Travel Expenses to and from Site Installation.

Annual calibration is recommended.
Price: R35,976.00


Category Contents
Indication of B.A.C 1) Pass is below 0.01% B.A.C. Fail can be set to fail from 0.01% B.A.C and up
Accuracy +/-0.001%BAC at 0.050%BAC
Mouth piece No Mouthpiece required
Sensor Replaceable fuel cell type alcohol sensor
Power supply 12VDC 1.5A power supply required - Supplied Standard
Weight 550g
Dimension (mm) 205 (height) X 108 (width) X 95
Remarks - Auto power off
- Air flow rate checking for no blows
- Calibrated to fail from 0.01% B.A.C to prevent access at the lowest possible BrAC levels
- Pricing excludes travel expenses to and from Sites
- Rental pricing at R1499 per unit per month includes Installation in Series with a Turnstile Gate or Mag-Locking Gate and not full integration into a Time-Keeping System.
- Rental Option Includes Monthly Calibration Servicing and Maintenance
- Minimum Rental Period is 24 Months
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