Alcoscan AL4000 Vending Breathalyser for Pubs and Clubs

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Alcoscan AL4000 is an easy-to-use vending breathalyser with a highly sensitive electrochemical ethanol specific fuel cell sensor. 

It requires a new or old R5 coin and a drinking straw to perform a breathalyser test. 

Application of this breathalyser is most suitable in sports clubs, night clubs, pubs and at any events where alcohol is served.

Annual or bi-annual re-calibration is recommended depending on your company policy or legislative regulation in force.

Please note: Stock Lead is generally about 4 weeks to production as require custom coin mechanism creation and or control button in place of the coin mech.

Spec Detail
Indication of B.A.C LED Interface display in BAC% or equivalent Mg/l level
Analysis Time <5 seconds
Mouth piece Wrapped Milk Shake or Drinking Straws
Sensor Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor
Power supply 12V direct from power supply provided
Weight 1,5kg
Dimension (mm) 450 (height) X 350 (width) X 120
Remarks Always ready
Calibration cycle 6 to 12 months depending on use
Range of measure 0.000 to 0.450% BAC