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Large Durable Reusable Face Protective Shield

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Durable, re-usable and washable plastic face protective shield

Provides added protection when worn in conjunction with other personal protective equipment. Suitable for use by security personnel at industrial sites and mines who carry out daily alcohol testing.

1mm thick shield with adjustable head band.

Important health, safety & legal notice:

Use of this device is permitted only as a face shield to protect against fluid splashing or spattering. Device is intended as a precautionary measure only and should be worn in conjunction with other precautionary PPE measures against viruses, bacteria and fungi. This face shield has not been evaluated for protection from or prevention of any diseases or infections or for any reduction in the risk of exposure to a virus, bacteria or fungi. In no way are face shields warranted to protect the wearer or purchaser against contracting viruses and as such the person wearing or purchasing the shield/s indemnifies Alcohol Breathalysers Pty Ltd and its manufacturer against any and all potential related claims.

Face Shields / Protectors must be sanitised & cleaned after each use.