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Sanispray 550ml 80% Alcohol Based Disinfectant

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Sanispray 550ML medical disinfectant fluid 80% ethanol based hand rub sanitizer and surface sanitiser.

Medical Grade SABS490 and SABS1853 Approved.

EN14776 Certified to kill Covid-19

Ready to use on hands, gloves and surfaces as an instant medical sanitizer. Spray on, rub in until dry, do not wash off.

Active Ingredients: Ethanol 80%, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.2% pH 6-8

NCRS Registration Number: Act5GNR529/288592/090/0782 Type 1

Sold to support the health & safety of Breathalyser operators including security and law-enforcement officials as well as SHEQ managers in order to be used to disinfect hands, surfaces & equipment after alcohol testing procedures have been completed.