COVID-19 NOTICE: Please adhere to strict Hygiene Guidelines when operating breathalysers. We supply protective masks, examination gloves, face shields, hygiene straws, Sanispray, mediwipes and steriwipes to support the hygenic use of breathalysers by end-users, law-enforcement and security officials. Information relating to COVID-19 please visit:

Sanispray 250ml 80% Alcohol Based Disinfectant

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Sanispray medical disinfectant 80% ethanol based hand rub and surface sanitiser.

Medical Grade SABS490 and SABS1853 Approved.

Ready to use on hands, gloves and surfaces as an instant medical sanitizer. Spray on, rub in until dry, do not wash off.

Active Ingredients: Ethanol 80%, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.2% pH 6-8

NCRS Registration Number: Act5GNR529/288592/090/0782 Type 1

Sold to support the health & safety of Breathalyser operators including security and law-enforcement officials as well as SHEQ managers in order to be used to disinfect hands, surfaces & equipment after alcohol testing procedures have been completed.