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Alcoscan AL2500 Elite Personal Breathalyser

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AL2500 Elite is a portable personal breathalyser that uses a microcomputer control with a 3 digit LCD display and audio cues to provide results.

The benefits of AL2500 Elite over the standard AL2500 breathalyser is that the Elite model uses a straw/mouthpiece, has a slightly larger brighter display and is matt black in colour.

AL2500 Elite is suitable for personal use only and not suitable for testing employees.

Annual replacement of the AL2500 Elite breathalyser is recommended due to the cost of calibration being similar to that of a new breathalyser. Max test count 300 tests.

Spec Detail
Indication of B.A.C 0.00 to 0.40% B.A.C. or mg/l equivalent by LED display
Warming up Below 30 Seconds
Response time Within 2 Seconds
Mouth piece Yes uses mouthpieces / paper straws can be used
Sensor Semiconductor type alcohol sensor
Continuous usage Over 2 hours with one set of batteries
Power supply Two 1.5V "AA" Alkaline batteries
Weight 85g (Including batteries)
Dimension (mm) 104 X 40 X 20
Note Auto power off 
Colour - Black 
Self Indication when calibration required 
Battery Low indication
Air Flow Rate Checking