If you cannot reach our landlines, please Whatsapp/call +27646154337 or email sales@breathalysers.co.za and we will call you back.


Trade-In any Fuel-Cell sensor based breathalyser for a 15% discount off a new iBlow10 Fuel Cell breathalyser - All breathalysers brands welcome.

Send your Trade-In Request to sales@breathalysers.co.za and include the make, model & serial number/s for us to provide you with a quotation.

The following T&Cs apply:

  • Any Fuel-Cell sensor based breathalyser that is still in working condition will be accepted and a discount off the standard retail price of an iBlow10 model will be applied upon quoting. Offer applies to both the iBlow10 Full Pack and iBlow10 Basic Pack.
  • Any make / model of industry or law-enforcement breathalyser will be accepted for trade-in including those of Lion, Alcotest, Alcolizer, Alcoblow, Mark-X, Alcoscan, Lifeloc, iBlow and iSober.
  • All breathalysers need to be sent in to Alcohol Breathalysers Pty Ltd before finalisation of a sale.
  • All customers who want to trade in breathalysers must send a request to sales@breathalysers.co.za for a quotation to be issued the request must include the make, model and serial number/s of the breathalysers to be traded in.
  • A change of ownership form will be issued for signing over of the old / outdated breathalyser models being traded in to Alcohol Breathalysers Pty Ltd.