Trade In your old Fuel-Cell sensor breathalyser in exchange for a 20% discount off a new iBlow10 Fuel Cell breathalyser basic pack today. Contact to enquire.

The following terms and conditions apply to our Trade-In offer:

  • Only Electrochemical Fuel-Cell Sensor based breathalysers will be accepted for trade-ins.
  • The 20% Trade-in Discount only applies to our online pricing listed for iBlow10 Fuel Cell breathalyser basic pack
  • Any make and model of work-place, industry or law-enforcement fuel cell sensor breathalyser will be accepted for trade-ins.
  • All breathalysers to be traded in need to be couriered OR hand delivered to Alcohol Breathalysers Pty Ltd offices in either Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban for a trade-in to be finalised.
  • All trade-in requests must be emailed to
  • Trade-in requests must include the make, model and serial number/s of the fuel cell sensor breathalysers to be traded in together with a photo of the front AND of the back of the breathalyser.