Approvals & Certifications

ISO Quality Assurance:

Our Alcoscan and iBlow10 alcohol breathalyser screeners are manufactured by Sentech Korea Corporation and the Environmental Management System and Quality Management Systems in place have been certified by KMAR to standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 respectively.

Our Breathscan disposable breathalysers are manufactured by Akers Biosciences Inc. USA and the Quality Management System in place has been certified by BSI to standard ISO 13485:2016

EN Standard 15964:2011 for Breath alcohol test devices other than single use devices: 

Alcoscan ALP-1 meets the requirements of EN15964:2011 and we have a Conformance Report Available from the SABS Environmental Testing department.

RoHS EU directive compliance:

All of the electronic products which we sell are ROHS compliant.

EMC EN 61326-1:2006 compliant:

All of the electronic products which we sell include the CE mark and application of the CE mark is permitted.

Australian Standard AS 3547 - 1997: 

Australian Standard for Breath Alcohol Testing Devices for Personal Use applies to the Breathscan Disposable Breathalysers including both the 0.02% BAC & 0.05% BAC testers and we have a Conformance Report Available from the SABS Environmental Testing department.

USA NHTSA-05-21436: 

Conforming Products List of Screening Devices applicable to Breathscan and Alcoscan breathalysers.

Important Notice regarding "SABS Approval" and "Department of Transport (DOT) Approved" Breathalyser Screeners in South Africa:

There exists no SABS Standard for breathalyser screening devices in South Africa therefore no "SABS Approval" can be given to any breathalyser screener in South Africa.

Only Evidential Breath Analyser Testers (EBATs) specifically required for Road Traffic Law-Enforcement Prosecutions in terms of the National Road Traffic Act 1996 can be "SABS Approved" when they are type-approved against SABS1793:2013. The SABS Environmental Testing department may in some instances issue "Conformance Reports" relating to foreign International Standards for Breathalyser Screeners however these Conformance Reports are not considered "SABS Approvals".

Any South African company which claims that they sell an "SABS Approved" or "Department of Transport (DOT) Approved" Breathalyser Screener is making a false, illegal and fraudulent claim about their breathalyser product.