Technical Information

Breathalysers are precision instruments that require calibration at specific intervals of 6 or 12 months depending on model specifications to ensure on-going accuracy. Only models in our Alcoscan, iBlow and iSober ranges can be serviced and calibrated by Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd.

Models fitted with Fuel Cell Sensors need to be calibrated at intervals of at least once per 12 months depending on use. Excessive use requires that breathalysers be recalibrated at shorter intervals.

Alcoscan EBS010, ALP1 and AL1100F as well as iBlow10 have a 12 month calibration cycle.

Screeners used for Law-Enforcement in South Africa must be serviced and calibrated at 6 month intervals regardless of the amount of use.

Calibration Certificates are supplied with new units upon purchase and after a calibration service has been completed.

Specific Breathalysers for Specific Requirements:

Personal Breathalysers for testing one's own breath alcohol concentration (not employees): AL2500, AL2500 Elite & AL5500.

Small Business Breathalysers: AL6000 Lite, AL6000 Pro, AL7000 Premium and AL3100, AL8800BT, iSoberS Pro and ALX3000 Interlock

Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor Breathalysers that require mouthpieces and include Printouts and PC connectivity for downloading of test data for Small to Medium Businesses:

Alcoscan AL9000PC, , Alcoscan AL3200 Breathalyzer including Folio Printer and Flashing Light - Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyser - 240V required & Alcoscan AL9010 Breathalyzer including Portable Folio Printer and PC Software Battery Operated.

Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor Breathalysers for High-Speed, High Volume Industrial and Law-Enforcement Screening that do not require mouthpieces: AL1100F, iBlow10 Basic, iBlow10 Full Pack and EBS010

Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor Breathalysers for Industrial and Law-Enforcement Screening that can be used in Passive no-mouthpiece mode for screening and Active Mode with a mouthpiece to obtain a digital and printed result for use in disciplinary hearings, CCMA and labour processes: 

Alcoscan ALP-1 Bluetooth Standard Pack including free PC software and Alcoscan ALP-1 Bluetooth Including Wireless Folio Printer and Free PC software.

Automated Entrance Breathalyser System (EBS010) for High-Speed, High Volume Industrial Entrance point screening: 

Alcoscan EBS010 Entrance Breathalyser System contains an Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor suitable for gates, entrances, turnstiles. Permits up to 12 tests per minute. Easy-to-Change replaceable Sensor Modules available so that EBS remains permanently installed on-site when sensors require recalibration. Full Integration into Access Control Systems & Installation services available. On-site servicing nationwide available.

Ignition Interlock Breathalyser for intergration into vehicle ignition systems to prevent ignition when a positive alcohol test occurs:

Alcoscan ALX3000 Interlock that supports both 12V and 24V vehicles