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Technical Information

Services and Calibration requirements:

Breathalysers are precision instruments of a scientific nature that require recalibration at specific intervals. Calibration must be carried out on a regular basis at 6 or 12 Months intervals depending on device specifications and use to ensure accuracy. Only the devices in our Alcoscan, iBlow and iSober ranges can be re-calibrated by Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd. 

Models fitted with Ethanol Specific Fuel Cell Sensors must be sent in for re-calibration at intervals of at least once per 12 months depending on usage. Standard 12 month calibration certificates are issued upon purchase. Over-use requires that equipment be re-calibrated at shorter intervals. 

Breathalyser Screeners used for Law-Enforcement in South Africa must be serviced and re-calibrated at 6 month intervals regardless of the amount of use. 

Alcoscan EBS010, ALP-1 and AL1100F as well as iBlow10 have a 12 month calibration cycle.

AL2500, AL5500, AL6000 Lite, AL8800, AL88800BT, AL8000NFC, AL1100F, EBS / EBS010 Sensor Modules, ALC-1, iSoberS Pro, ALX1000, ALX3000, ALP-1 and AL9000PC and AL9010 must be sent in for servicing in order for a calibration service to be completed.

Calibration Certificates are provided together with new units upon purchase and after a re-calibration service has been completed.

Pre-calibrated sensors can be supplied for AL6000 Professional, AL7000 Premium, AL3100, EBS and EBS010 models for fitment on one's own however only EBS / EBS010 sensors will be provided with Calibration Certificates in the case of self-fitment.

Specific Breathalysers for Specific Technical Requirements


Semi-Conductor Personal Breathalysers for testing one's own breath alcohol concentration (not employees):

Alcoscan AL2500, Alcoscan AL2500 Elite & Alcoscan AL5500.

Semi-Conductor Sensor Breathalysers that require mouthpieces for Small Businesses:

Alcoscan AL6000 Lite, Alcoscan AL6000 Professional & Alcoscan AL7000 Premium.

Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor Breathalysers that require mouthpieces for Small Businesses: 

Alcoscan AL8800, Alcoscan AL8000 NFC for Android Smart Phones & Alcoscan ALC-1 Premium.

Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor Breathalysers that require mouthpieces and include Printouts and PC connectivity for downloading of test data for Small to Medium Businesses: 

Alcoscan AL9000PC, Alcoscan AL3100 including Folio Printer 240V required, Alcoscan AL3200 Breathalyzer including Folio Printer and Flashing Light - Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyser - 240V required & Alcoscan AL9000 / AL9010 Breathalyzer including Fully Portable Folio Printer and PC Software Battery Operated.

Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor Breathalysers for High-Speed, High Volume Industrial and Law-Enforcement Screening that do not require mouthpieces: 

Alcoscan AL1100F, iBlow10 Basic, iBlow10 Full Pack, EBS010

Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor Breathalysers for Industrial and Law-Enforcement Screening that can be used in Passive no-mouthpiece mode for screening and Active Mode with a mouthpiece to obtain a digital and printed result for use in disciplinary hearings, CCMA and labour processes: 

Alcoscan ALP-1 Bluetooth Standard Pack including free PC software and Alcoscan ALP-1 Bluetooth Including Wireless Folio Printer and Free PC software.

Automated Entrance Breathalyser System (EBS) for High-Speed, High Volume Industrial Entrance point screening: 

Alcoscan EBS010 Entrance Breathalyser System contains an Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor suitable for gates, entrances, turnstiles. Permits up to 12 tests per minute. Easy-to-Change replaceable Sensor Modules available so that EBS remains permanently installed on-site when sensors require recalibration. Full Integration into Access Control Systems & Installation services available. On-site servicing nationwide available.

Ignition Interlock Breathalyser for intergration into vehicle ignition systems to prevent ignition when a positive alcohol test occurs:

Alcoscan ALX1000 Interlock available in 12V and 24V options