Technical Information

Our breathalyser range includes the Alcoscan, iBlow10 and BreathScan brands of breathalysers which are manufactured in South Korea and in the United States of America.


Our Alcoscan and iBlow10 Breathalysers are manufactured by Sentech Korea Corporation and the Environmental Management System and Quality Management System in place has been certified by KMAR to standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 respectively.


Our BreathScan disposable breathalysers are manufactured by Akers Biosciences Limited in the USA


Disposable Breathalysers / Single-Use Alcohol Testers - Use once and dispose after use:


BreathScan Disposable Breathalysers 0.05 % BAC Testers

BreathScan Disposable Breathalysers 0.02 % BAC Testers

BreathScan disposable breathalysers also available in test levels 0.04% BAC and 0.08% BAC by special request


Semi-Conductor Personal Breathalysers for testing one's own breath alcohol concentration (not employees):


Alcoscan AL2500 Personal Breathalyser

Alcoscan AL2500 Arrive Alive Personal Breathalyser

Alcoscan AL5500 Personal Breathalyser


Semi-Conductor Sensor Light-Industrial Work Place / High-End Personal Breathalysers that use mouthpieces:


Alcoscan AL6000 Lite Breathalyzer

Alcoscan AL6000 Professional Breathalyzer

Alcoscan AL7000 Premium Breathalyzer


Fuel Cell Sensor Light-Industrial Work Place / High-End Personal Breathalysers that use mouthpieces: 


Alcoscan AL8800 Breathalyzer

Alcoscan AL8000 Breathalyzer with NFC for Android Smart Phones

Alcoscan ALC-1 Professional Breathalyzer


Industrial Work-Place Digital Breathalysers / Alcohol Testers that include Printouts and PC connectivity for downloading of test data:


Alcoscan AL9000 Breathalyzer including PC Software - Fuel Cell Sensor

Alcoscan AL3100 Breathalyzer including Folio Printer - Semi-Conductor Sensor Breathalyser - 240V required

Alcoscan AL3200 Breathalyzer including Folio Printer and Flashing Light - Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyser - 240V required

Alcoscan AL9000 / AL9010 Breathalyzer including Fully Portable Folio Printer and PC Software - Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyser - Battery Operated


High-Speed + High Volume Industrial and Law-Enforcement Breathalysers / Fuel Cell Sensor based Alcohol Testers that can be used with OR without mouthpieces:


Alcoscan AL1100F VuvuThela Breathalyzer - High Speed Industrial - 12 tests per minute

iBlow10 High Speed SuraCell Law-Enforcement & Industry Breathalyzer Screener - Basic Pack including Protective Rubber Skin in a gift box

iBlow10 High Speed SuraCell Law-Enforcement & Industry Breathalyzer Screener - Full Pack including Alluminium Carry Case & Protective Rubber Skin

Alcoscan ALP-1 Law-Enforcement Breathalyzer without Printer

Alcoscan ALP-1 Law-Enforcement Breathalyzer including Printer and PC Software for data download

Automated Entrance Breathalyzer System - High-Speed Industrial Entrances for Zero Tolerance Testing - Full Integration & Installation Available - Fuel Cell Sensor Based:

Alcoscan EBS010 Entrance Breathalyzer System for gates and entrances - High Speed 12 tests per minute - Replaceable Sensor Modules


Voluntary Type Entrance Breathalysers / Alcohol Testers:


Alcoscan AL3100 Breathalyzer including Folio Printer - 240V Power required

Alcoscan AL3200 Breathalyzer including Folio Printer and Flashing Light - 240V required


Ignition Interlock Breathalyser / Alcohol Tester:

Alcoscan ALX1000 Interlock Breathalyzer - Fuel Cell Sensor Based


Breathalyser Services and Calibration requirements:

Alcohol Breathalysers (Alcohol Testers) are devices of a scientific nature that require re-calibration at specific intervals. Calibration must be carried out on a regular basis at 6 or 12 Months intervals depending on device specifications and use to ensure accuracy. Only the devices in our Alcoscan and iBlow range can be recalibrated by Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd. 

Models fitted with Electro-Chemical Fuel Cell Sensors must be sent in for re-calibration at intervals of at least once per 12 Months depending on usage. Standard 12 month calibration certificates are issued upon purchase. Over-use requires that equipment be re-calibrated at shorter intervals. 

Breathalyser Screeners used for Law-Enforcement in South Africa must be serviced and re-calibrated at 6 month intervals regardless of the amount of use. 

Alcoscan EBS010, ALP-1 and AL1100F VuvuThela as well as iBlow10 breathalysers have a 12 month calibration cycle and the devices will easily provide accurate results for up to 18 months but best labour practice is to ensure that your breathalyser testing equipment accuracy is verified at least once every 6 to 12 months or more regularly depending on use. 


AL2500, AL5500, AL6000 Lite, AL8800, AL8800NFC, Alcoscan AL1100F VuvuThela, EBS Sensor Modules, ALC-1, ALX1000, ALP-1 and AL9000 PC and Printer models must be sent in for servicing in order for a calibration service to be completed whereas Pre-calibrated sensors can be supplied for AL6000 Professional, AL7000 Premium, AL3100, EBS and EBS010 models for fitment on one's own. 

Calibration Certificates are provided together with new units upon purchase and after a re-calibration service has been completed.