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Alcoscan ALX3000 Alcohol Ignition Locking Breathalyzer

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ALX3000 Interlock Breathalyser is designed to be fitted into vehicles to prevent drivers from starting a motor vehicle when they are confirmed to be under the influence of alcohol at a pre-set level.

The composition of ALX3000 consists of a handset for the breathalyser test and an interlock control box for the electrical connection to a vehicle.

ALX3000 Breathalyser Handset:

  • Alcohol Sensor: Fuel Cell Sensor to detect alcohol in breath
  • Temperature sensor: Temperature detection, environment, breath, etc.
  • Flow sensor: Detects breath pressure & volume of exhaled air
  • Altitude Sensors: Adjustment of breathing deviation according to altitude
  • Breath sampling tube: the structure that accepts breathing under certain conditions
  • Chamber: Maintains exhaled breath conditions (temperature & humidity)
  • Pump: Structure that accepts a certain amount of breathing time.
  • MCU: Management of measurement algorithm
  • Memory: Stores the measured reference value and the measured result value
  • Display: Displays the status and measurement result values
  • Buzzer: Indicates the status and measurement result as sound

ALX3000 Control Box:

  • Timer: Time management
  • Memory Function: To record and save an event log
  • Relay: To control start-up of vehicle and output signal
  • MCU to control algorithm management
  • Communication IC to transfer data to a PC or server
  • Power circuit, I/O circuit for vehicle and electrical signal connection, vehicle status check (engine running)

ALWAYS use breathalysers correctly in-line with operating instructions, DO NOT trick breathalysers to generate False Positives and ENSURE that sound legal policies & procedures are in place before testing.




 Handset: 160㎜ × 58㎜ × 34㎜

 Control box: 108㎜ × 158㎜ × 38㎜


 Handset: 135g

 Control box: 650g

Operation temperature

 -40℃ ~ 85℃

Warming-up time

 less than 60 seconds  at -20℃

Analyzing time

 5 ~ 25 seconds

Recovering time

 10 ~ 30 seconds

Result display

 2 color LED (PASS, FAIL)

Display type


Result range

 0.00 ~ 2.00 ㎎/ℓ


 Use dedicated mouthpiece for ALX3000

Calibration interval

Max once per 12 months

Operation voltage

 DC 12V ~ 24V

Event log

100,000 events


 EN 50436-1: 2014

 EN 50436-2: 2014

 E Mark(E11)  /  IATF 16949: 2016