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Alcoscan AL1100F No-Contact Breathalyser

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AL1100F is a no-contact breathalyser for testing the breath of drivers and workers entering sites. AL1100F is fitted with a Fuel Cell Sensor for ethanol specific alcohol testing and provides a long calibration cycle of 12 months before requiring calibration. 

AL1100F permits approximately 12 tests per minute without the use of mouth pieces and provides both Active and Passive testing with Passive testing being effective when drivers or workers have difficulty exhaling.

Includes a 12 month calibration certificate.

Annual or bi-annual re-calibration is recommended depending on your company policy or legislative regulation in force.



Indication of B.A.C or BrAC

- PASS 0.00 to 0.009 B.A.C. indicated by GREEN LED
- WARNING / LOW 0.01% to 0.04% B.A.C. indicated by AMBER LED
- FAIL at 0.05% B.A.C (0.24Mg/l) and above indicated by RED LED


+/-0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC

Mouth piece

No Mouthpiece Required - No Touch Design

Sensor Type

Electro-chemical Fuel Cell Alcohol Sensor - Ethanol Specific

Power supply

12V AC fully rechargeable unit. 12V Power Supply included and In-car charger included




150mm (height) X 75mm (width) X 24mm


Auto power off, Battery Low Indication and fully re-chargeable.
Rubber Skin iwith magnet included with device
Air flow rate checking for no blows