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Automated No-Contact Entrance Breathalyser EBS010

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Automated No-Contact Entrance Breathalyser EBS010 is a high speed industry breathalyser suitable for installation at gates, entrances, turnstiles, refineries and at pedestrian entrance points or as a standalone voluntary alcohol test unit.

EBS010 contains an Ethanol Specific Fuel Cell sensor and is capable of providing up to 12 tests per minute when installed as a standalone breathalyser but when fully integrated into access control provides on average up to 6 tests per minute. 

The testing capability of the EBS010 upgraded sensor module has been proven to provide accurate test results at over 500,000 tests in a single calibration cycle and integrated access control timing intervals on average up to 10 seconds per transaction. The resultant maximum capability taking into account 1 in 50 positive test results operating 24 hours per day provides for up to 8640 tests per day. We however recommend a ratio of at least 1 X EBS010 Unit to every 250 to 500 persons entering a site to avoid bottle necks and ques at entrance points during shift changes.

A pass (0.00%) result allows access and a fail (0.01% or above) result prevents access.

Unlike all other entrance breathalysers available in the market, EBS010 contains an Easy-to-Change replaceable Sensor Module so that EBS010 remains permanently installed on-site when EBS010 sensors require re-calibration. Always order a spare EBS010 sensor to avoid any down-time on site when maintenance is required. On-site calibration is provided upon request.

Full Integration into Access Control Systems & or Installation and on-site servicing is available via our numerous Access Control partners throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Test Result outputs are provided by a 12V 1 sec pulse separate for Pass and Fail and by digital output over USB. (RS232 & Serial available to order)

If a Dry Contact Relay OUTPUT for Pass and Fail is required an optional Relay Box is available. Any additional integration requirements can be provided upon request.

Hydraulic Up Down Bracket is available to order. Please enquire for a quotation.

Annual calibration of EBS010 sensors is recommended as calibration certificates provide for a 12 month calibration validity.

ALWAYS use breathalysers correctly in-line with operating instructions, DO NOT trick breathalysers to generate False Positives and ENSURE that sound legal policies & procedures are in place before testing.

Includes a 12 month calibration certificate. Sensors are exchangeable.

Spec Detail
Indication of B.A.C Pass is below 0.01% B.A.C. Fail can be set to fail from 0.01% B.A.C and up
Accuracy +/-0.001%BAC at 0.050%BAC
Mouth piece No Mouthpiece required
Sensor Replaceable fuel cell type alcohol specific sensor
Power supply 12VDC 1.5A power supply required - Supplied Standard
Weight 550g
Dimension (mm) 205 (height) X 108 (width) X 95
Remarks - Auto power off
- Air flow rate checking for no blows
- Calibrated to fail from 0.01% B.A.C to prevent access at the lowest possible BrAC levels
- Pricing excludes installation / integration costs
- Time keeping and attendance technicians can easily install and integrate