Breathalyser Calibration

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**Special Offer available during January & February only - 20% discount off our standard calibration charge**

We provide a calibration services for all our work-place, industrial and law-enforecement models and we issue a certificate of calibration once completed or once a new Sensor has been installed and tested. Only Alcoscan, iBlow, iSober and Ketoscan models can be serviced by our company.

For all Industry and Work-Place models, re-calibration is due once per 12 months or at stipulated intervals per device.

For all Law-Enforcement breathalyser models, re-calibration is due once per 6 months irrespective of the number of tests conducted using the breathalyser in terms of the prevailing traffic law-enforcement guidelines in South Africa.

In order for us to calibrate your device / breathalyser sensor it must be Couriered or Delivered to any of our three offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban.