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Breathalyser Calibration & Sanitization Service

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We provide a recalibration services for all our work-place, industrial and law-enforcement models and we issue a certificate of calibration once completed or once a new Sensor has been installed and tested. Only breathalysers / alcohol testers in the Alcoscan, iBlow, iSober and Ketoscan range of alcohol testers can be serviced by Alcohol Breathalysers Pty Ltd.

As part of our service we include the sanitization of the product.

For all Industry and Work-Place models, re-calibration is due once per 12 months or at stipulated intervals per device.

For all Law-Enforcement breathalyser models, re-calibration is due once per 6 months irrespective of the number of tests conducted using the breathalyser in terms of the prevailing traffic law-enforcement guidelines in South Africa.

In order for us to calibrate your device / breathalyser sensor it must be Couriered or Delivered to any of our three offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban.