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iBlow10-C No-Contact Breathalyser for Law-Enforcement

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iBlow10-C No-Contact No-Blowback Safe Breathalyser has an elongated design which promotes social distancing during law-enforcement breath alcohol testing procedures. The innovative breath sampling nozzle prevents blowback of breath entirely in the same way that mouthpieces and paper straws prevent blowback when testing with iBlow10 and EBS010.

iBlow10-C includes a built-in magnet that allows it to be magnetised to most metal surfaces including poles, beams and security gates for no-touch self breath testing. No need for stands or tri-pods.

iBlow10-C has a SuraCell Fuel Cell Sensor for ethanol specific alcohol testing which provides a long calibration cycle of up to 1 year OR 5,000 tests.

Digital Display of Results as well as GREEN or RED bright LED display based on a PASS or FAIL when any alcohol is detected in breath OR based on a pre-set PASS / FAIL Limit depending on whether iBlow10 is ordered for Industrial Use (0.01%BAC) or Law-Enforcement Use 0.24Mg/l BrAC.

iBlow10-C provides 10 tests p/minute & LEDs for Night Time use providing RED, BLUE and BLUE ONLY options to direct drivers.

Includes a link to free downloadable PC software to download breathalyser test data (5000 tests) from iBlow10-C Memory to a PC for analysis and record keeping.

Includes a 12 month calibration certificate.