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KETOSCAN Lite Breath Ketone Meter

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KETOSCAN Lite enables you to monitor Fat Metabolism and level of Ketosis while on a low carb, ketogenic or paleo diet by testing your breath.

  • No Blood & No Pain to Track Your Ketosis. Monitor your fat metabolism and manage weight loss easier than ever with Breath Ketone Meter Ketoscan Lite! Just breathe out for few seconds to know your breath ketone state and current body fat burning rate.
  • Advanced Breath Sampling Technology. No need to blow long and hard anymore. The state-of-the-art breath sensor technology ensures faster and easier measurements with hassle-free operations.
  • Low-Cost per Testing. Use drinking straws if you don’t have mouthpieces.

The Ketogenic diet used to be considered a diet used only for extremely overweight patients and monitored closely by physicians. The diet is gaining traction worldwide. When following a low-carb, high-fat, moderate protein diet, the goal is more than weight loss and a healthy lifestyle but rather to reach ketosis.

Ketosis is a state during which the body reaches when it burns fat, instead of carbs, for fuel. KETOSCAN makes it easy for people doing keto to track ketosis with breath sensor technology, rather than resorting to more tedious and invasive methods like blood or urine testing.

Simply blow out for 2 seconds

2 seconds is enough time to hack your metabolism. Take a deep breath then blow into KETOSCAN. It displays a result after blowing for just 3 seconds. A highly sensitive flow-rate sensor ensures accurate results by measuring precisely how much air is blown into KETOSCAN. Follow the instructions for accurate and consistent test results.

Replace the sensor once per year

Sensor replacement and calibration service is required once per year and after 300 tests have been performed, sensor replacement and calibration is required.