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Breathalyser Testing in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic with a No-Contact Fixed Breathalyser

Posted by Angus MacArthur on

Specific safety and hygiene measures should be implemented to safely test for alcohol in breath during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If a fixed no-contact Entrance breathalyser tester for example our Alcoscan EBS010 is used to test an employee for breath alcohol, then the employee should use a disposable paper straw to blow into the breathalyser.

The exhaled breath enters the front of the EBS010 breathalyser and leaves the breathalyser through the back of it and dissipates into the chamber upon which the EBS010 is fixed to. Zero blow-back takes place when the 8mm straw is used to blow into the breathalyser.

In the following short video we demonstrate how the subject should blow into the fixed EBS010 breathalyser using a disposable paper straw.

After testing the straw must be disposed of and the breathalyser wiped with a non-alcohol disinfectant wipe.