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Breathalyser paper straws wrapped in paper - 8mm diameter by 200mm - per 1,000

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Breathalyser paper straws individually wrapped in paper for use with fast screener breathalysers for example iBlow10 and EBS010.

100% paper product, 100% bio-degradable, 100% compostable, 100% recyclable.

Sold to support the safe and hygienic use of all types / brands / models of breathalysers / alcohol testers by end-users reducing the possibly of an individual being tested making any direct contact with a breathalyser operator or breathalyser device.

Dimensions of straws supplied: 8mm diameter and 200mm length. Total length including paper wrapper 230mm.

1,000 straws per minimum order supplied in cases of 1,000 paper straws in each case. For bulk / larger quantity orders please email us for a formal quotation.

Pricing excludes delivery charges.