100% Paper straws wrapped in paper - 8mm by 200mm - per 1,000

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Paper Straws individually wrapped in paper for use with fast screener breathalysers including iBlow10, ALP1, Entrance Breathalyser System (EBS010).

100% paper product, 100% bio-degradable, 100% compostable, 100% recyclable.

Sold to support the safe and hygienic use of all types / brands / models of breathalysers / alcohol testers by end-users reducing the possibly of an individual being tested making any direct contact with a breathalyser operator or breathalyser device.

Dimensions of straws supplied: 8mm in diameter and 200mm in length. Total length including paper wrap 230mm.

1,000 straws per order for R275 incl. vat supplied in boxes of 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 6,000 paper straws in each box. For bulk / larger quantity orders please email us for a formal quotation.

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